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Posted in Player News with tags , , on June 10, 2011 by derrickmslayton

Back in January a video on worldstarhiphop showed Lou Will rapping off of the Rick Ross song “Imma Boss.” He raps primarliy about the treatment he has received since becoming a vial part of the Philadelphia 76ers. The Georgia native received rave reviews and has released 3 more tracks, which supposedly will be on his upcoming mixtape (release date is set for July). Two months after releasing his song, he dropped his second track “I Want it All”  featuring Maybach Music Group star Meek Mill. This track Lou Will explains why he chose the NBA over college.

After showing that he can rap along side Meek Mill, another track was released this time Lou Will featured on Meek Mill’s track “Give it to em.” This song showed a more emotional side of Lou Will as he rapped about the struggles that he had to overcome during his childhood. Also he rapped about the difficulties and success that the comes with the NBA life style. His last track Lou Will “Wake Up” comes from the famous song “Wake Up Everybody” by Teddy Pendergrass with Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes . Louis Williams speaks on the struggles that his family has endured in Georgia, also urging kids in Philly to stop with all of the violence.

Lou Will may not be the best rapper, but he is obviously the best rapper in the NBA even though Shaq went platinum. Hopefully David Stern will not shut down his rap career, like he did Allen Iverson’s.