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New Season New Challenges

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What a way to start Doug Collins second year of his regime, the NBA showed no sympathy for the young 76ers this season when scheduling the 66 game season. The Sixers will begin their season with a five-game road trip starting tonight against the Portland Trailblazers and their rowdy Rose Garden crowd. The road trip will not end until Jan.4 against the new look Hornets. Doug Collins knows that this road trip can ultimately decide the season for the Sixers. If they start out fast they will gain confidence and build chemistry with one another, also build on their momentum and take advantage of playing at home for 13 of their next 16 games. However a rough start could lead to a trade involving their franchise player Andre Iguodala and lead to another “rebuilding” or “reloading” project.

The Sixers will face a Portland team that has undergone immense change. Their franchise player Brandon Roy was forced to retire because of terrible injuries to both of his knees. Former number one pick Greg Oden will miss another season with injury. On the bright side the Blazers got younger at point guard by trading former Sixer Andre Miller for former division rival Raymond Felton and added an excellent sixth man in Jamal Crawford. Also LaMarcus Aldridge is coming off a season where he was one of three players to rank in the top 15 in points and rebounding.

Something to look out for is how Jrue Holiday will run the team in his third year out of UCLA. And if he can take the next step and become an elite point guard. Another thing to look out for is how aggressively Andre Iguodala will play coming off one of his worse seasons (scoring wise) as a Sixer. He has had extra time during the lockout to heal and will have no excuse to not play at an all-star level. Finally, can Evan Turner be more involved more in the offense? Turner has worked on his jump shot with legendary coach Herb Magee and with an improved jump shot he should be a better fit in the 76ers offense.


Nate Robbing Iguodala

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Five years ago, Andre Iguodala got robbed on national television at the end of It was the Sixers high flyer vs. Nate “Kryptonate” Robinson in the final. To get to the finals Iggy performed some of the best dunks in the contest’s history. One of the best dunks of all time came when Allen Iverson passed the ball off the back of the glass and Igoudala caught it while gliding under the backboard and rim for a reverse-slam on the other side. In the final Andre threw the ball off the glass caught the ball, put it behind his back and dunked it. However Nate Robinson dunked over Spud Webb on his next dunk which propelled them into a tiebreaker. On Nate Robinson’s tie breaker dunk it took him 30 tries to complete as he put the ball between his legs threw it off the glass and finished with an athletic slam. Nevertheless to win the dunk contest Andre needed just a 46 to win and he initially got that exact score with his between the legs dunk. Unfortunately two of the judges lowered their scores to make Nate Robinson the Winner of the 2006 dunk contest.  Tonight’s Dunk Contest is the five year anniversary of Nate Robbing Iggy.

Team Dating Game:Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala

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 Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala faced LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden on the Jimmy Kimmel show.  This show had a different segment with a Team Dating Game. This is a basic dating game format with a Jimmy Kimmel twist of comedy. The first round started with some simple questions that ended with some funny and embarrassing answers.

In the second round the two Chicago natives showed their chemistry, as they answered both of their questions correctly. Putting pressure on Greg Oden and LaMarcus Aldridge.

The two shooting guards had the game won, but like all season long, they struggled in closing the game out, youth and lack of experience ultimately was their downfall. 

Win or Go Home!

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The Sixers‘ backs are against the wall they are down 3-0 in the first round against the Heat. If they (The Sixers) do not win tomorrow night they will be eliminated from the playoffs and will suffer their first sweep since 1999. For the Sixers to win Andre Iguodala has to score more he has scored 22 points in the first three games. Even though he has done an excellent job distributing the ball and a honorable job guarding Lebron James, it is a must for him to be aggressive and attack the rim.  He has to be the go to guy especially since the Sixers are only shooting 39% percent from the field for a miserable 85 game. Most importantly the Sixers as a whole have to do a better job rebounding, they are minus 12 rebounds per game. Next the Bench has to score when they are on the court there second unit is better than the Heat‘s bench so they have to dominate that matchup. Finally the Sixers have to sustain their energy for 48 minutes in two out of three games they have jumped to two double-digit leads in the first quarter just to watch it be erased by the end of the second quarter. If the Sixers are able to do those things they will be able to fly back to Miami with the Heat.

The Sixers stopped the bleeding.

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The Toronto Raptors could not come at a better time. The 76ers lost their last 3 games and fell one game behind the Knicks for the 6th seed so facing the 21-58 Raptors. The Sixers were able to stop the bleeding and beat the Raptors, the game was far from easy the Raptors scored 30 points in the third quarter and only allowed 19 points (At the end of the third quarter the Sixers lead 73-72). However the Sixers maintained their composure and scored 25 points in the fourth they won by a score of 98-93. Elton Brand led the way with 22points and 8 rebounds,  Thad Young, Andre Iguodala had 20 and 16 points respectively, and Jrue Holliday had a double-double with 13 points and 11 assist. The Sixers are a  half game back of the Knicks with two games remaining, and they (the Sixers) play the Magic on Monday night.

Finished Strong

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The Sixers bounced back in a big way after Wednesday’s heartbreaking loss to the Thunder. The Sixers, who failed to finish against the Thunder late in the game, made sure that they ended the game against the Celtics on a strong note. Late in the game the Sixers’ defense tightened up as the Celtics missed eight straight shots in the 4th quarter. At the very end, Andre Iguodala who has been thriving in his new point-forward position did not settle for the jumper he did what he does best, he finished at the rim and ended the Celtics’ chance at a victory.

Play of the Week

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After a tough loss to the Mavericks the Sixers bounce back. Andre Iguodala messed around and got a triple double with 10 rebounds, 13 assist, and 22 points. He got two of those 22 points with this week’s play of the week. The Sixers next game is tomorrow night as they host the Golden State Warriors and hope to avenge their late December loss to the Warriors. Also the Sixers hope to be 2 games over .500 since 2009.