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Dont Call it a Comeback?

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Iverson definitely wants to finish his career in the NBA but will he have that chance. Last summer Iverson did not get a single offer from an NBA team. So he decided to take his talents to Turkey, he showed a glimpse of “The Answer” of old scoring a season high 26 points. Unfortunately an injured leg only allowed him to play in ten games the entire season. Maybe the upcoming season can be better for Allen Iverson (assuming that there is not a lockout). The new owner of the 76ers is supposedly a diehard Sixers fan so it will be hard for him to resist signing A.I. Also Iverson can help out the Sixers attendance record tremendously (Sixers ranked 25th out of 30 NBA teams). However the franchise seems to be content with all of their young guards so they do not need Iverson for help.

Ok maybe the Sixers do not sign him again; there is a rumor that Iverson will go to the Chicago Bulls. This seems to make sense in Chicago he may be able to teach Derrick Rose, help him develop a go to move and teach him how to score over taller defenders more effectively. Furthermore he will be able to take some of the ball handling pressures off of Rose and provide instant scoring off the bench (which Chicago desperately needs). 

Conversely many people (mostly the media and possibly David Stern) do not want Allen Iverson to make a comeback. He is pictured as a problem child of the NBA; he is guy who has a “criminal” background; additionally, Stephen A. Smith reporting that Iverson has gambling and alcohol problems.  Also in the past, coaches and A.I do not get along very well, and you cannot forget the infamous practice press conference in 2002.

Nevertheless Allen Iverson seems to be a changed man, when he played for the 76ers in 2010 he was a model citizen. He did not complain about playing fewer minutes than normal. His teammates seemed to like him (which has never been a problem). Iverson was still productive in a limited role and even though he was out of shape after coming back from retirement he managed to average just under 14 PPG.  Finally throughout all of the problems with a divorce and his daughter becoming seriously ill he kept his composure until he had to leave Philly to show support to his daughter.

Allen Iverson is not the same 2001 MVP player that he once was, but he still has something left to give to the NBA and he still wants to compete for a NBA Title. However even if he does not have anything left to give, he has given so much already. He kept the NBA relevant after Jordan retired, also Iverson added new fans to the sport because of his amazing speed, unbelievable moves and his ability to integrate hip-hop culture to the NBA. Iverson deserves another chance because without A.I there are no scoring point guards (Rose, Westbrook, Wall, and Jennings). Iverson has given everything he has to the NBA, now it is time for the NBA to give back.


Lou Will

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Back in January a video on worldstarhiphop showed Lou Will rapping off of the Rick Ross song “Imma Boss.” He raps primarliy about the treatment he has received since becoming a vial part of the Philadelphia 76ers. The Georgia native received rave reviews and has released 3 more tracks, which supposedly will be on his upcoming mixtape (release date is set for July). Two months after releasing his song, he dropped his second track “I Want it All”  featuring Maybach Music Group star Meek Mill. This track Lou Will explains why he chose the NBA over college.

After showing that he can rap along side Meek Mill, another track was released this time Lou Will featured on Meek Mill’s track “Give it to em.” This song showed a more emotional side of Lou Will as he rapped about the struggles that he had to overcome during his childhood. Also he rapped about the difficulties and success that the comes with the NBA life style. His last track Lou Will “Wake Up” comes from the famous song “Wake Up Everybody” by Teddy Pendergrass with Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes . Louis Williams speaks on the struggles that his family has endured in Georgia, also urging kids in Philly to stop with all of the violence.

Lou Will may not be the best rapper, but he is obviously the best rapper in the NBA even though Shaq went platinum. Hopefully David Stern will not shut down his rap career, like he did Allen Iverson’s.

Sixth man of the year: Are they really sixth men?

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Unfortunately neither Louis Williams nor Thaddeus Young won the Sixth man of the year award. That means no Sixer has won the award since Aaron Mckie in 2001. Thaddeus Young who averaged 12.7 PPG (0.541 FG%) 5.3 RPG and 1.1 SPG finished third in the Sixth man of the year race. Louis Williams averaged 13.7 PPG (.402 FG%) , 3.4 APG and shot 82% from the free throw line  finished sixth in the Sixth man of the year race.  Lamar Odom won the Sixth man of the year award, however he played starters minute all season averaging about 35 minutes a game and he started in 35 games this season. Every person in the top six in voting (besides Thad Young and Lou Will) played starters minutes (25 or more minutes or playing more minutes than the actual starter).

 So that raises the question, are they really sixth men? Or are they starters who just do not get announced as such, I think this award is meaningless if a person plays as many minutes as an average starter in the NBA. The award should only go to true sixth men players, the players that average 25 minutes a game and plays mostly with the 2nd team; the player who brings a spark to the team and gives the starters more motivation to finish out the game.

Practice we talkin bout practice!!

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Allen Iverson always showed toughness, heart and great scoring ability, but he did not always show up to practice. So on May 7, 2002 when he was asked about missing practice during a press conference, Iverson’s response was one for the ages!!!  He obviously was upset about the question, and his answer covered everything: his relationship with Former 76ers coach Larry Brown, the issue of Larry Brown announcing to everyone that Iverson missed practice, the rumor that he may be traded next year, why he missed practice, and delivered his very own question “How the hell can I make my teammates better by practicing?” The practice press conference is one of the most infamous press conferences of all time and tainted Allen Iverson’s image for the rest of his career.

In this post I could not beat the practice record I said practice seven times(including practicing) Iverson said it 24 ½ times (he also said the word game seven times).



Play of the Week

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After a tough loss to the Mavericks the Sixers bounce back. Andre Iguodala messed around and got a triple double with 10 rebounds, 13 assist, and 22 points. He got two of those 22 points with this week’s play of the week. The Sixers next game is tomorrow night as they host the Golden State Warriors and hope to avenge their late December loss to the Warriors. Also the Sixers hope to be 2 games over .500 since 2009.

Coach of the Month!

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In February the Sixers won 9 out of 12 games in February the best record they have had in a month since 2003. Also Doug Collins had the Sixers riding high on a 4 game winning streak before they lost a close game to the Dallas Mavericks. Do not let the record in February record be the only thing that you appreciate Collins for. His system has made Andre Igoudala a better player forget about what the stats say, Iggy has taken more of a leadership role and sets a great example on defense as well as the offense. Also Evan Turner has gotten much better under Coach Collins’ tutelage as he shot a season high field goal percentage in the month of February. Nobody thought that the Sixers would be good especially after their 3-13 start, however Doug Collins has these young Sixers playing good basketball and if they keep it up Doug Collins will win the Coach of the Year award.

Was the Price Right?

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The Sixers played six tough games against an experienced Detroit Pistons team, in the first round of the 2008 playoffs. Sadly they lost; their “Run with us” campaign did not work. Their transition game did not score enough points to make up for their inefficient half court offense.

The issue that the 76ers had to address was to sign a prominent low post scorer, so they could become a more effective half court team. They narrowed their choice to two players Josh Smith and Elton Brand. Josh Smith the athletic power forward would fit perfectly in their transition game but, at that point in his career his low post game was limited. Elton Brand averaged 20 points 10 rebounds per game throughout his career. He was a great low post player, but he only played eight games the previous season after he ruptured his left Achilles tendon. Many wondered if he could produce those numbers ever again.

The Sixers signed Elton Brand in the 2008 offseason to a five-year deal worth an estimated $82 million. For the first two years it seemed like Elton Brand was just stealing the Sixers’ money. He only started a total of 90 games out of the possible 162 games in those two seasons. This was due to a couple of unfortunate injuries and lack of production as he was averaging a career low in points and rebounds (if you exclude the 2007-2008 year when he missed almost the entire season).

Elton Brand’s career has been revitalized this season. Under Doug Collins (Sixers’ head coach) he has started every game averaging just under 16 points and nine rebounds per game. He also won the Eastern Conference Baller of the Week award, last week. In addition to that his name has been mentioned as the NBA’s Comeback player of the year. All in All Elton Brand has been a borderline all-star this season, which makes people think does he deserve the contract that he signed back in 2008?