If you had one shot?

Andre Iguodala , Jrue Holiday, or Louis Williams who do you want to take the last shot? After a tough loss against the Blazers, that is the question on the minds of many 76ers fans.

Andre Iguodala had a terrific game to start the season, 22 points 8 rebounds 3 assist and 4 blocks. Also he hit two back-back three pointers which sparked a late fourth quarter run, after being down 17 points.  Iggy was the spark to the Sixers, but Lou Will “The Boss” himself was on fire NBA JAM on fire. Portland defenders could not stop him, even a robber pointing a gun at his head could not stop him. Lou Williams put the team on his back like only he (and Greg Jennings) could, scoring 10 points in the 4th quarter and hitting back to back impossible three’s to bring the team to within 3 points. Jrue Holiday was not having a good game, but to many people he is becoming the new face of the franchise. In addition he has the best three point shot out of people mentioned at the beginning.

So in the moment of truth, a Portland Trailblazer chokes at the line and misses the game clinching free throw. Andre Iguodala grabs the rebound pushes the ball down the court. Dribbles around the three point line then launches a deep three over the outstretched arms of 6″11 power forward LaMarcus Aldridge……Clank it hits the rim no good and the game is over. Leaving many people wondering who should have taken the shot.


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