Nate Robbing Iguodala

Five years ago, Andre Iguodala got robbed on national television at the end of It was the Sixers high flyer vs. Nate “Kryptonate” Robinson in the final. To get to the finals Iggy performed some of the best dunks in the contest’s history. One of the best dunks of all time came when Allen Iverson passed the ball off the back of the glass and Igoudala caught it while gliding under the backboard and rim for a reverse-slam on the other side. In the final Andre threw the ball off the glass caught the ball, put it behind his back and dunked it. However Nate Robinson dunked over Spud Webb on his next dunk which propelled them into a tiebreaker. On Nate Robinson’s tie breaker dunk it took him 30 tries to complete as he put the ball between his legs threw it off the glass and finished with an athletic slam. Nevertheless to win the dunk contest Andre needed just a 46 to win and he initially got that exact score with his between the legs dunk. Unfortunately two of the judges lowered their scores to make Nate Robinson the Winner of the 2006 dunk contest.  Tonight’s Dunk Contest is the five year anniversary of Nate Robbing Iggy.


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