Newest Addition: Nikola Vucevic

Everybody who followed the Sixers last season knew that they needed to fill a void at the center position. Many players that the Sixers were allegedly interested in was unfortunately drafted before the Sixers number 16 pick; the list of players included Tristan Thompson, the Morris twins, Bismack Biyombo , and Jonas Valanciunas. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, with all of those big men gone it took a little pressure off of the 76ers to reach for Nikola Vucevic.  The former USC center  was the tallest player in the undersized draft measuring in at just under 7 feet with a 7-foot-5 wingspan. He was projected to be drafted in the early second round. However he stock risen tremendously after his Chicago pre-draft combine due to his size, work ethic, and basketball IQ.

The Montenegro center has soft hands, he can also finish with either hand around the rim, he will be able to stretch defenses out with his adapt jump shooting skills, and he also has solid post skills. athleticism is the biggest concern for him. He is a liability in pick and roll defense, doesn’t run the floor well, not a good shot blocker, and struggles against faster big men.

Overall this is a good pick, Nikola Vucevic will help the center position immediately, he is a scoring threat, and a good rebounder. Doug Collins really likes this guy and hopefully Vucevic can show us why.


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