Dont Call it a Comeback?

Iverson definitely wants to finish his career in the NBA but will he have that chance. Last summer Iverson did not get a single offer from an NBA team. So he decided to take his talents to Turkey, he showed a glimpse of “The Answer” of old scoring a season high 26 points. Unfortunately an injured leg only allowed him to play in ten games the entire season. Maybe the upcoming season can be better for Allen Iverson (assuming that there is not a lockout). The new owner of the 76ers is supposedly a diehard Sixers fan so it will be hard for him to resist signing A.I. Also Iverson can help out the Sixers attendance record tremendously (Sixers ranked 25th out of 30 NBA teams). However the franchise seems to be content with all of their young guards so they do not need Iverson for help.

Ok maybe the Sixers do not sign him again; there is a rumor that Iverson will go to the Chicago Bulls. This seems to make sense in Chicago he may be able to teach Derrick Rose, help him develop a go to move and teach him how to score over taller defenders more effectively. Furthermore he will be able to take some of the ball handling pressures off of Rose and provide instant scoring off the bench (which Chicago desperately needs). 

Conversely many people (mostly the media and possibly David Stern) do not want Allen Iverson to make a comeback. He is pictured as a problem child of the NBA; he is guy who has a “criminal” background; additionally, Stephen A. Smith reporting that Iverson has gambling and alcohol problems.  Also in the past, coaches and A.I do not get along very well, and you cannot forget the infamous practice press conference in 2002.

Nevertheless Allen Iverson seems to be a changed man, when he played for the 76ers in 2010 he was a model citizen. He did not complain about playing fewer minutes than normal. His teammates seemed to like him (which has never been a problem). Iverson was still productive in a limited role and even though he was out of shape after coming back from retirement he managed to average just under 14 PPG.  Finally throughout all of the problems with a divorce and his daughter becoming seriously ill he kept his composure until he had to leave Philly to show support to his daughter.

Allen Iverson is not the same 2001 MVP player that he once was, but he still has something left to give to the NBA and he still wants to compete for a NBA Title. However even if he does not have anything left to give, he has given so much already. He kept the NBA relevant after Jordan retired, also Iverson added new fans to the sport because of his amazing speed, unbelievable moves and his ability to integrate hip-hop culture to the NBA. Iverson deserves another chance because without A.I there are no scoring point guards (Rose, Westbrook, Wall, and Jennings). Iverson has given everything he has to the NBA, now it is time for the NBA to give back.


6 Responses to “Dont Call it a Comeback?”

  1. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. tamaramts Says:

    You are a very well written reporter and right on the money, I would love to see Iverson make a come back and the bulls could really use his talent. He still has a good two to three years in him if he takes care of himself mentally and physically. A.I. is a ticket seller, I will watch him play no matter what team he plays for because he makes the game exciting and interesting. My best wishes to Allen Iverson a man who beat the odds and made it to the NBA inspite of his humble circumtances. Yea for Allen Iverson, you believed in your self to make it to the NBA the first time, I believe you can make a come back !

  3. He deserve to finish in the nba !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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