Win or Go Home!

The Sixers‘ backs are against the wall they are down 3-0 in the first round against the Heat. If they (The Sixers) do not win tomorrow night they will be eliminated from the playoffs and will suffer their first sweep since 1999. For the Sixers to win Andre Iguodala has to score more he has scored 22 points in the first three games. Even though he has done an excellent job distributing the ball and a honorable job guarding Lebron James, it is a must for him to be aggressive and attack the rim.  He has to be the go to guy especially since the Sixers are only shooting 39% percent from the field for a miserable 85 game. Most importantly the Sixers as a whole have to do a better job rebounding, they are minus 12 rebounds per game. Next the Bench has to score when they are on the court there second unit is better than the Heat‘s bench so they have to dominate that matchup. Finally the Sixers have to sustain their energy for 48 minutes in two out of three games they have jumped to two double-digit leads in the first quarter just to watch it be erased by the end of the second quarter. If the Sixers are able to do those things they will be able to fly back to Miami with the Heat.


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