Beat the Heat


The matchup is set, the #7 seed Philadelphia 76ers will face the #2 seed Miami Heat. Since the playoffs are all about match-ups I will analysis each match-up.

The point guard matchup will be Jrue Holliday versus Mike Bibby. Jrue should win this matchup he is a great perimeter defender and his pressure should cause some turnovers on the defensive end. On offense he will be able to use his 6″4 200 pound frame and quickness to penetrate the lanes and create points for himself and others. Mike Bibby will be able to get his points from three-point range if Jrue has to help off of him.

Jodie Meeks will versus Dwayne “Flash” Wade. D-Wade will win this matchup he is one of the premier players in the league his combination of speed, power and athletisism will give Jodie Meeks tremendous problems on defense. Jodie could be an x-factor in this series however if he can stretch out the Miami defense with a few three pointers.

Andre Iguodala will face the Lebron “King of South Beach” James. Andre Iguodala has really thrived offensively in his new point-forward position and has recorded two triple-doubles this season. Also he is one of the NBA’s best perimeter defenders and will make Lebron work for every point he gets. In the two games Iggy defended Lebron this season, Lebron shot 10 for 27 for 36 points. Offensively Iggy will have to hit jumpers with some consistency, and then that will allow him get in the lane and cause havoc for the Heat’s defense. Lebron of course is Mr. Triple-Double. His numbers have dipped a little bit this season but that is due to the extra help. He will win this match-up if he hits his long-range shots because when he is making three-pointers and mid range shots he is unstoppable.

Elton brand will match-up with Chris Bosh Elton Brand has played very well this season and for him to be effective against the heat he will scrap claw and fight in the paint and hope that his aggressive play might put Chris Bosh on his heels and take him out of the game. If Chris Bosh plays aggressively this will be a long series for the Sixers but if he is taking mid-range shots the Sixers will be able to defend him. Brand will win this match-up.

The Center position is a tossup. Spencer Hawes vs. Big Z this is the match-up with the least amount of combined talent. Spencer Hawes has a nice shooting touch from 20- feet and has shown flashes that he can rebound and score in the post. Big Z will spend most of his time outside of the paint so Hawes will have to step out and guard Big -Z’s outside shot if he can he guard Big-Z and play good consistently he will win this match-up.

The 76ers have one of the best benches in the league with Louis Williams, Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, and Marresse Speights. They are third in the league in bench scoring with 39.2 points per game They definitely have an advantage against the Heat’s bench so that depth will really help and maybe tire out the heat’s starter. Also the Sixers are top 5 in fast break points. It may be a bias pick but I think the Sixers win 4-3.


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