The Sixers stopped the bleeding.

The Toronto Raptors could not come at a better time. The 76ers lost their last 3 games and fell one game behind the Knicks for the 6th seed so facing the 21-58 Raptors. The Sixers were able to stop the bleeding and beat the Raptors, the game was far from easy the Raptors scored 30 points in the third quarter and only allowed 19 points (At the end of the third quarter the Sixers lead 73-72). However the Sixers maintained their composure and scored 25 points in the fourth they won by a score of 98-93. Elton Brand led the way with 22points and 8 rebounds,  Thad Young, Andre Iguodala had 20 and 16 points respectively, and Jrue Holliday had a double-double with 13 points and 11 assist. The Sixers are a  half game back of the Knicks with two games remaining, and they (the Sixers) play the Magic on Monday night.


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