Playoff Berth!!

The 76ers have come a long way from their 3-13 record at the start of the season. After losing a close game to the heat on the day after thanksgiving, Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand told the other players that they are close , if they continue to play hard and play the way coach Collins wants them to play they will beat a lot of teams in the league. That has been exactly the case for the Sixers, there record is 37-23 since the leaders spoke to the team. The Sixers can credit their success to the development of Jrue Holliday, the ability of Iggy to run the point-forward position, the resurgence of Elton Brand’s career, the improved 3-point shooting with Jodie Meeks in the starting lineup, the great production of the bench (primarily Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young) and most importantly Doug Collins the coach that preaches a team first attitude. The Sixers clinched a playoff berth because of the improvement that everyone has shown since the beginning of the season and that was on display when they beat the New Jersey Nets to lock up a playoff berth.


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