Why Philly Hates Kobe

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant

Image via Wikipedia

Kobe Bryant can straight up ball, he is one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball and he is a winner. He is one of the most mentally tough players and history, just like Allen Iverson Kobe plays through many injuries, but while Iverson is adored by Philly Fans Kobe is hated. Why is it that Philly fans hate  The Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant) as much as the Cowboys, the Mets, Terrell Owens aka “That’s my quarterback” and Santa.

It all started in 1996 when he decided to skip college and a chance to play at LaSalle where his father was the assistant coach at the time to go to the NBA draft. After being drafted by the New Orleans hornets he refused to play for them, as he hoped to be traded to a team with a better market. Then he whined and complained about being the second scoring option for the Lakers, when they were becoming one of the best teams in NBA history.

To seal the deal he said some vicious comments to his hometown team. Back in 2001 the Philadelphia 76ers faced the Los Angeles Lakers; Kobe was going against his home town team. Maybe it was Kobe’s competitive spirit, after the Lakers took a 2-1 series  a Philly fan taunted him Kobe responded by saying he was going to “cut your (76ers and their fans) hearts out” and win the crucial game four. Kobe did just that he “cut their hearts out” he scored  19 points 10 rebounds and 9 assist just one assist shy of a triple double, delivering a crushing blow to the 76ers title chances and becoming a villain to 76ers fans forever.


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