It’s Not How You Start……

It is how you finish, and this season the Philadelphia 76ers have not finished well in close games. Despite the amazing season the 76ers have had so far, they are only 2-5 in overtime this season.  The 76ers have shown maturity and growth during the year in many parts of their game: they play great team defense, they are unselfish, and they do not turn the ball over, everything that you normally would see from a veteran squad. Nevertheless the 76ers youth has been exposed late in close games. Wednesday’s loss to the Thunderdisplayed the talent that this 76ers roster possesses, but it also reminded everybody that the 76ers still struggle in late game situations.  In crunch time, the 76ers offense looks completely inept to get a decent shot off. They have the ball handlers that can create their own shot but unfortunately down the stretch they are unable to get a good look at the basket.  Also they struggle at the line close in games and lose some of their composure. Maybe they lack the experience or the stars to finish in the clutch but whatever the problem is they need to fix it soon because the Boston Celtics are coming to Philly.


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