Crossover to Stardom

Iverson was criticized a lot during his rookie season: his crossovers were being called for a traveling violation, he was called a ball hog, he was held responsible for the Sixers poor season and he was condemned for not showing respect to NBA players. To make matters worse Michael Jordan also made a comment stating that Iverson must show respect to him and his team (the Chicago Bulls).Fortunately for A.I, much of those negative comments stopped on March 12, 1997. On that memorable day  Iverson let his game do the talking; which sent a message that The Answer” needs to be respected. A.I scored 37 points and crossed over to stardom when he “shook” Michael Jordan.


One Response to “Crossover to Stardom”

  1. tamaramts Says:

    Michael Jordan is the man, and he deserves respect everybody does, in competitve sports when you are getting paid millions you are equals and fair game. Michael pissed me off with that comment about Iverson though, and it really hurt Allen Iverson a little bit. Michael Jordan made millions of dollars worth of respect. Michael should had been happy that A.I. was playing him as a equal instead of bowing, to him like the lengendary king of baskeball that Michael Jordan is. Michael should have just welcomed the competition.

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