Stay in Denver!!!!


A team that would like Carmelo Anthony to sign his contract extension with Denver other than the Denver Nuggets is the Philadelphia 76ers.

During the All-star weekend Carmelo is allegedly planned to meet with the New York Knicks and the New Jersey Nets to discuss his future with them. Carmelo Anthonyhas made it  obvious that he wants to play for the New York Knicks, but may sign the extension with the Nets to complete a trade offer made by the Nets to acquire him, if the Knicks cannot make a trade with the Nuggets.

Anyway, the Philadelphia 76ers would love for Carmelo to stay with the Nuggets. The Sixers are only two games back of the New York Knicks for the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference and they would hate for the Knicks to improve the talent on their team. In addition the Knicks might be able to land Chris Paul (all-star point guard of the New Orleans Hornets) next season if they do acquire Anthony, which would form a very formidable big 3 that would cause a lot of problems for the Sixers and the rest of the NBA. Also even though the Nets are not in playoff contention Carmelo would help the Nets in the future. That is something that the Sixers also do not want to deal with because New Jersey along with the Knicks plays in the Sixers division (Atlantic Division) and would play the 76ers four times each season. All in all 76ers fans should pray that Carmelo stays in Denver.


2 Responses to “Stay in Denver!!!!”

    • I doubt that the Sixers get John Wall. The 76ers really like Jrue Holliday as their point guard, but anything can happen and John Wall would make the 76ers a better team

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