Was the Price Right?

The Sixers played six tough games against an experienced Detroit Pistons team, in the first round of the 2008 playoffs. Sadly they lost; their “Run with us” campaign did not work. Their transition game did not score enough points to make up for their inefficient half court offense.

The issue that the 76ers had to address was to sign a prominent low post scorer, so they could become a more effective half court team. They narrowed their choice to two players Josh Smith and Elton Brand. Josh Smith the athletic power forward would fit perfectly in their transition game but, at that point in his career his low post game was limited. Elton Brand averaged 20 points 10 rebounds per game throughout his career. He was a great low post player, but he only played eight games the previous season after he ruptured his left Achilles tendon. Many wondered if he could produce those numbers ever again.

The Sixers signed Elton Brand in the 2008 offseason to a five-year deal worth an estimated $82 million. For the first two years it seemed like Elton Brand was just stealing the Sixers’ money. He only started a total of 90 games out of the possible 162 games in those two seasons. This was due to a couple of unfortunate injuries and lack of production as he was averaging a career low in points and rebounds (if you exclude the 2007-2008 year when he missed almost the entire season).

Elton Brand’s career has been revitalized this season. Under Doug Collins (Sixers’ head coach) he has started every game averaging just under 16 points and nine rebounds per game. He also won the Eastern Conference Baller of the Week award, last week. In addition to that his name has been mentioned as the NBA’s Comeback player of the year. All in All Elton Brand has been a borderline all-star this season, which makes people think does he deserve the contract that he signed back in 2008?


3 Responses to “Was the Price Right?”

  1. I feel like he might had been worth it if they paid him less money because his production did not fit the amount of money they paid him

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