About Two Weeks Away…

To be exact, February 26th will be the official start of the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies spring training exhibition games. Game one, the New York Yankees. Before any games are played though, the players will be reporting to camp down in Clearwater Florida to get back into the swing of things. The season looming is one with much expectation of this Phillies team as they have added a new player, I should say they have welcomed back a player, Cliff Lee. Already a strong rotation of Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt, the addition of Cliff Lee makes one think, “How will any team be able to stop this rotation in a series?” Obviously the loss of Jayson Werth will hurt the team offensively, but with such strong pitching it may not matter a whole lot. Another valid point to make in this situation would be the fact that a fresh season brings a healthier team to the dugout. Last season had to be one of the worst in terms of injuries, rarely did the entire normal lineup play together and consequently, the players never had much of an opportunity to mesh and get into a collective rhythm. Potentially, with a consistently healthy offense/defense and a starting pitching staff that rivals some of the best in the history of baseball, this team can live up to the high expectancy level this coming season. One worry, and a worry that should not be taken lightly is that of the bullpen for the Phillies. Can Brad Lidge be ’08-like, is our middle relief strong enough, will Ryan Madson have to pitch in the closer role more? All of these questions are preseason nervousness I suppose, and we cannot say until spring training kicks into high gear, or even the regular season begins. By my count, the amount of aspects to be optimistic about outweigh the negative aspects, for now. All I can say, at this moment, is I am certainly pumped for the fresh start and hopefully this fueled your inner Phan. Thanks for reading…

– Mike F.


One Response to “About Two Weeks Away…”

  1. You are right on the money, after reading your blog I am super hyped for basball season to start. The Phillies are a great team and I am expecting great thing from this team yet again this year. All I have to say is BATTER UP!

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