Youth Movement

 Normally to compete in a playoff race, you need experienced players on the court. The young players would develop mostly in practice. Then they would be gradually placed in the rotation, like the Los Angeles Lakers or the Boston Celtic teams have done time and time again. However that is not the case for the Philadelphia 76ers because they play their young players. The Sixers burnt the Suns in a 105 to 95 victory on Monday, giving them a one game lead on the Charlotte Bobcats for the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference.

They have been able to compete for a playoff spot using their youth .They play aggressive defense, run the floor for easy fast break points and play above the rim; something that the older teams just cannot do.  The rotation that the Sixers have used this season has seven players 24 or younger (Louis Williams is the oldest in that group) that get significant playing time. This rotation has allowed them to gain experience on the court instead of having to watch on the bench.

The Sixers have struggled sometimes late in games this season due to their youth. Nevertheless Sixers fans should rejoice because these young players are only going to get better as the season progresses. Also they will be able use the experience that they have gained in the playoffs, if they can hold on to their playoff spot.


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