2004 Pistons = 2011 Sixers

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If you look at NBA.com’s power rankings you will seem some familiar teams in the top five. Reigning MVP Derrick Rose has the Chicago Bulls there, last year’s leading scorer Kevin Durant has his Thunder team on the list, The experienced Spurs are always there, and the big three-quarters (Miami Heat) are ranked in the top five as well.

However if you take a closer look at the top five teams in the league, you will notice a team that has not been a top five team since, Allen Iverson’s MVP season back in the 2000-2001. Yes the same season the Sixers went all the way to the NBA finals. The casual fan would not understand why the Sixers are ranked fourth in the NBA according to nba.com’s power rankings. They would look at the lineup and say “There are no stars on that team”,  a statement 76ers fans hear way too often when discussing their favorite team. But remember in 2004 there was a Detroit Pistons team that did not have a superstar player, they have very talented and unselfish players that played for the team, and not for themselves. That Detroit Pistons won a championship and defeated the heavily favored LA Lakers team which suited 4 future hall of famers ( Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’neal). That Detroit Pistons team is this years Philadelphia 76ers team.

Sixers have dominated in all 10 of their wins so far this season and they do have bright young stars. They might not score as much as Carmelo Anthony or have as many assist as Chris Paul. They are smaller stars that fit well in a constellation to form a very powerful team (eight players averaging more than 8 points per game). A team that is third in the NBA in scoring offense (101.0 points per game) second in the NBA in scoring defense ( 87.43 points per game) and first in points differential (plus 13.57 points per game).

The one difference about the Detroit and the Sixers thus far this season, is the Sixers have not had a signature win against an “elite team”. Until they get that win naysayers will continue to say that the Sixers can not compete for a title without a “superstar.” They (Sixers) will have a chance to gain some respect with games against the Hawks, and the Heat in the next couple of days. Hopefully the experience that they have gained throughout the playoffs last season and this season will payoff.


Play of the Week

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Sixers star forward Andre Iguodala seems to always make a highlight play.



If you had one shot?

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Andre Iguodala , Jrue Holiday, or Louis Williams who do you want to take the last shot? After a tough loss against the Blazers, that is the question on the minds of many 76ers fans.

Andre Iguodala had a terrific game to start the season, 22 points 8 rebounds 3 assist and 4 blocks. Also he hit two back-back three pointers which sparked a late fourth quarter run, after being down 17 points.  Iggy was the spark to the Sixers, but Lou Will “The Boss” himself was on fire NBA JAM on fire. Portland defenders could not stop him, even a robber pointing a gun at his head could not stop him. Lou Williams put the team on his back like only he (and Greg Jennings) could, scoring 10 points in the 4th quarter and hitting back to back impossible three’s to bring the team to within 3 points. Jrue Holiday was not having a good game, but to many people he is becoming the new face of the franchise. In addition he has the best three point shot out of people mentioned at the beginning.

So in the moment of truth, a Portland Trailblazer chokes at the line and misses the game clinching free throw. Andre Iguodala grabs the rebound pushes the ball down the court. Dribbles around the three point line then launches a deep three over the outstretched arms of 6″11 power forward LaMarcus Aldridge……Clank it hits the rim no good and the game is over. Leaving many people wondering who should have taken the shot.

New Season New Challenges

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What a way to start Doug Collins second year of his regime, the NBA showed no sympathy for the young 76ers this season when scheduling the 66 game season. The Sixers will begin their season with a five-game road trip starting tonight against the Portland Trailblazers and their rowdy Rose Garden crowd. The road trip will not end until Jan.4 against the new look Hornets. Doug Collins knows that this road trip can ultimately decide the season for the Sixers. If they start out fast they will gain confidence and build chemistry with one another, also build on their momentum and take advantage of playing at home for 13 of their next 16 games. However a rough start could lead to a trade involving their franchise player Andre Iguodala and lead to another “rebuilding” or “reloading” project.

The Sixers will face a Portland team that has undergone immense change. Their franchise player Brandon Roy was forced to retire because of terrible injuries to both of his knees. Former number one pick Greg Oden will miss another season with injury. On the bright side the Blazers got younger at point guard by trading former Sixer Andre Miller for former division rival Raymond Felton and added an excellent sixth man in Jamal Crawford. Also LaMarcus Aldridge is coming off a season where he was one of three players to rank in the top 15 in points and rebounding.

Something to look out for is how Jrue Holiday will run the team in his third year out of UCLA. And if he can take the next step and become an elite point guard. Another thing to look out for is how aggressively Andre Iguodala will play coming off one of his worse seasons (scoring wise) as a Sixer. He has had extra time during the lockout to heal and will have no excuse to not play at an all-star level. Finally, can Evan Turner be more involved more in the offense? Turner has worked on his jump shot with legendary coach Herb Magee and with an improved jump shot he should be a better fit in the 76ers offense.

The Divison is for the Taking!!

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Since the “Big 3″ formed in 2008, the Boston Celtics have dominated the Atlantic Division. However last season the New York Knicks and the 76ers made significant strides and made the playoffs.

The Boston Celtics are not getting any younger while Rondo continues to improve the Big 3′s talent and health continues to diminish. Last season was a perfect example of that. Kevin Garnett only averaged 14.9 points per game almost five points less than his 19.5 career points per game average. Also he averaged 8.9 rebounds last season which is about two rebounds short of his 10.7 rebounds he has averaged per game throughout his hall of fame career. Furthermore Paul Pierce scored 18.9 points per game which is three points below his career average. Finally Ray Allen (aka Jesus Shuttlesworth) who is still in excellent NBA shape scored only 16.5 points per game last season which is four points below his career average. While it is crucial to note that each player performed better than the last regular season, than they did two seasons ago they failed to make it back to the Finals (unlike in 2009 when they faced the L.A Lakers). Also it is becoming increasingly apparent that they are not only past their prime but also at the end of their careers.

Last off-season the New York Knicks made a huge addition to their lineup by signing Amare Stoudemire one of the league’s best scorers. At first people were skeptical about how well Amare would perform without Steve Nash dropping “dimes” to the big man. However Amare silenced those doubters very quickly by dominating opposing teams’ big men and being the number one scoring option in the world’s most famous arena (Madison Square Garden). In addition to that, just before the trade deadline the Knicks acquired superstar Carmelo Anthony, Thus creating one of the most prominent one-two punch in the entire NBA. The Knicks will definitely be contending for the Atlantic title, having Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire together for an entire season (assuming that there will be an entire season of basketball) will be a nightmare for defenses who are trying to guard these two stars. The only reason why they won’t win the Atlantic Division is if the team’s defense lets them down like it did during the playoffs last year.

The city of brotherly love obviously have young talented players that love the game of basketball. Last season the 76ers made significant strides with new head coach and former 76er guard Doug Collins. The Sixers vastly improved defense and fast break scoring, was the key to the 76ers success last season. Their eventual demise came from youth, inability to close out games, and lack of a number one scoring option. Unlike the Knicks the 76ers have built their team primarily from the draft: Jrue Holiday, Louis Williams, Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Jodie Meeks and more, as a result creating a good young core of talented players and good chemistry. If those young players can continue to improve and if either Jrue Holiday or Andre Iguodala becomes the much needed number one player; the 76ers will have a very good shot at winning the division.

Hopefully for our sake (76ers fans) the team will work hard during the prolonged off-season, maybe play overseas and then comeback with a good mix of youth and experience. If that happens then the Sixers might win something more valuable than the Atlantic Divsion title.

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Nate Robbing Iguodala

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Five years ago, Andre Iguodala got robbed on national television at the end of It was the Sixers high flyer vs. Nate “Kryptonate” Robinson in the final. To get to the finals Iggy performed some of the best dunks in the contest’s history. One of the best dunks of all time came when Allen Iverson passed the ball off the back of the glass and Igoudala caught it while gliding under the backboard and rim for a reverse-slam on the other side. In the final Andre threw the ball off the glass caught the ball, put it behind his back and dunked it. However Nate Robinson dunked over Spud Webb on his next dunk which propelled them into a tiebreaker. On Nate Robinson’s tie breaker dunk it took him 30 tries to complete as he put the ball between his legs threw it off the glass and finished with an athletic slam. Nevertheless to win the dunk contest Andre needed just a 46 to win and he initially got that exact score with his between the legs dunk. Unfortunately two of the judges lowered their scores to make Nate Robinson the Winner of the 2006 dunk contest.  Tonight’s Dunk Contest is the five year anniversary of Nate Robbing Iggy.

Why Philly Hates Kobe (via deesixersfan)

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